[Planetlab-users] resource utilization

Larry Peterson llp at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Aug 3 16:31:54 EDT 2004

As already announced on this list, we have just taken the first step
to provide harder resource isolation on PlanetLab (by enabling CPU
shares). Everyone needs to understand that we have been relatively
lax in monitoring and constraining resource usage up to this point,
but more and more limits are going to be enabled in coming months. I
suspect this is going to force people to be more aware of the resources
they consume. (If you use Java to implement your service, please
re-read that previous sentence again.)

In particular, it looks like memory usage will be the next bottleneck.
Once a machine starts to swap, it becomes pretty much useless. We don't
have the ability to effectively isolate slice memory usage in the
current system, but it seems likely that we will in the next version.

So, the point of this message is basically to alert users that it's
not to early to start paying attention to how much memory you are
using. You might find tools like coTop to be helpful in doing this.


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